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Dining & Bar

At the Royal Montreal Curling Club we understand that every event has its own particular flavour.

Our menu is always designed to be fresh, flavoursome and creative. We have a large selection of spirits, liqueurs, cocktails, wines and local draught beer. We can customize a signature drink for your event or even suggest the perfect wine pairing to accompany your menu. Chef Jean-Denis Doyle and his team will bring together a variety of ingredients to create something unique and truly memorable.

Chef Jean-Denis Doyle studied the culinary arts at the Institute de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec. Shortly after graduating, he began working at La Brioche Lyonnaise with Chef and owner Jean-Paul Grappe. A native of Dijon, France. Grappe, with 56 years experience as a chef, restaurateur of four Montreal restaurants and author of nine cookbooks, took Chef Jean-Denis Doyle under his wing and became his mentor. Jean- Denis then secured his first position as Chef at the young age of 23.

Chef Doyle explored the culinary world in Paris and throughout France, eventually returning to Montreal. Le Mas des Oliviers, The Hotel Gault, and the restaurant Chez Parra are a few of the places where he was able to demonstrate his culinary talent. We are fortunate to have Chef Jean-Denis Doyle with us at RMCC, as our members and guests will attest.

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