Focused on Fun, Fitness & Fundamentals, this innovative, dynamic & flexible program offers an enjoyable series of lessons to properly learn how to play the game and/or to enhance existing skill levels. The program is targeted to new as well as more seasoned curlers.

The training takes place at the Club and involves off-ice theory as well as on-ice training and actual games to practice your skills under the helpful supervision of our coaches.

With this top-notch training, you’ll learn to curl the right way and become a life-long fan of the game!

The flexible 6-session course is offered at the reasonable price of $150. You’ll have fun as you acquire a new skill and to top it off, if you decide to continue playing and join RMCC, the cost of the sessions will be applied against your first-year membership dues.

Learn to Curl Days and Times


Wednesdays from 3:00pm to 5:00pm and Saturdays from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm

IMPORTANT: Scheduling is subject to change please confirm dates in our club Calendar.

Subject to continuing demand there will be Learn to Curl Lessons on Wednesdays throughout January with the exception of January 17th. Lessons start at 3:00 PM or 3:15 PM depending on the date.
Please check the Club Calendar for exact details. They are fun and everyone is welcome.

For more information or to register please fill the form at the bottom of this page or e-mail:

6 Session “LEARN TO CURL” Training Program *$150– Sessions can be taken on a flexible schedule. Please see our calendar for session dates.  **Any missed sessions can be re-taken without charge. Anyone wishing to repeat any session can do so for a $25.00 fee.

      •  SESSION #1     Rules, Ethics, The Game, Equipment, Ice Pad, Balance & Stance
      •  SESSION #2     Timing & Sequence
      •  SESSION #3     Grip, Turns & Release
      •  SESSION #4     Line of Delivery, Brushing & Communication
      •  SESSION #5     Weight Control, Situational Play
      •  SESSION #6     Situational Play with Strategy
The RMCC supplies all curling equipment (Brush, Slider, Head Protection)

            •  Clean pair off running shoes (No street worn shoes permitted on ice)
            •  Warm clothing in layers (Loose fitting pants, sweater, Jacket, no jeans)
Please arrive 20 mins early to change shoes and for coach led warm-up /stretching routine

            • Gripper 1 or 2: $16.95 each (sometime during the program)
            • Curling shoes $99+ (if wishing to continue into our start up league)
            • Curling Brush $79+ (if wishing to continue into our start up league)

*All training programs are included in the full membership level without any additional fees. A $150 fee applies for all other membership levels and will be automatically charged to your account, or must be paid in advance for non-members. The $150 fee will be credited against any new RMCC membership.
**Any missed sessions can be taken at no additional charge. (space permitting)

THE RMCC ALSO OFFERS ON/OFF ICE MODULES (2h) for intermediate and advanced levels in;
      •  MOD. #1    Delivery Refinement
      •  MOD.#2     Brushing & Communications
      •  MOD.#3     Weight Control
      •  MOD.#4     Strategy
      •  MOD.#5     Mental & Physical Preparation

No additional fee for full level members however, the base rate fee for all other levels of membership is $25 per module. (Modules= min. 8 persons / max. 24 persons)


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