Focused on Fun, Fitness & Fundamentals, Royal Montreal’s Learn to Curl (L2C) program is an integrated set of enjoyable lessons aimed at brand new curlers. Its primary goal is to teach beginners how to play The Roarin’ Game, and consequently give them the necessary skills and confidence to fully participate in club leagues.

The lessons take place at the Royal Montreal Curling Club (RMCC) and synthesize off-ice theory with on-ice training and game simulation under the helpful supervision of our coaches.

With this top-notch training, you’ll learn to curl the right way and become a life-long fan of the game!

This 6-session course is offered at the reasonable price of $150. You’ll have a blast as you acquire an amazing curling skill set. As an additional incentive, if you decide to continue playing and join RMCC, the cost of the sessions will be applied against your first-year membership dues.

Unless otherwise advised, Learn to Curl will take place every Saturday from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm beginning October 20th.

2018-19 LEARN TO CURL Schedule

Autumn L2C Cycle: (Start Date: October 20, 2018; Finish Date: by December 15, 2018).

Winter L2C Cycle: (Start Date: January 19. 2019; Finish Date: March 9, 2019).

Lesson 1: Let’s Get Started!

Part 1: The Basics of Curling (Off-ice)
Part 2: Walking on Ice; Introduction to the Balanced Delivery Technique (On-ice).

Lesson 2: Balanced Delivery Technique II.

Part 1: Approach to Hack; Stance; Hack Foot Placement; Slider Foot Placement.
Part 2: Aim, Lowering to Delivery Position; Grip (Curling stone, Stabilizer).
Part 3: Introduction to Delivery Pull-back (Backward Motion), Delivery Slide-Forward (Forward Motion).

Lesson 3: Balanced Delivery Technique III.

Part 1: Follow-through and Release
Part 2: Grip, Turns (Handles).
Part 3: Sliding Drills and Exercises.

Lesson 4: Sliding Straight & Brushing.

Part 1: (Target) Line of Delivery.
Part 2: Brushing (Sweeping) Basics.
Part 3: Sweeping Communication and Judgment.

Lesson 5: Shot-making & Playing the Game.

Part 1: Types of curling shots (guard, draw, hit).
Part 2: Weight control exercises.
Part 3: Introduction to situational curling.

Lesson 6: Enough Lessons, Let’s Play!

Part 1: On-ice player positioning; Simulated Game-Playing.
Part 2: “Real” game-playing with situational play and strategy.

IMPORTANT: Scheduling is subject to change. Please confirm the dates on the Ice Calendar or with the RMCC Office.

For more information or to register, please fill out the form below or e-mail:

administration »at« royalmontrealcurling »dot« ca

The RMCC will provide you with the curling slider, stabilizer, brushes, and mandatory safety equipment (i.e. head protection, rubber gripper). However, we ask that you come to each lesson with the following:

  • A clean pair of running shoes (N.B. No street worn shoes are permitted on the ice).
  • Warm (layered) clothing (i.e. loose fitting/stretchable pants, sweater and/or jacket).

Please arrive 20 minutes early to change into your gear. Prior to stepping onto the ice, there will be a 3 to 5-minute warm-up/stretching routine for participants (N.B. For Lesson 1, the warm-up will take place immediately after the off-ice or “classroom” session (50-55 minutes)).

All RMCC full members can participate in L2C sessions without incurring any additional fees. The $150 fee applies to all other member categories and will be automatically charged to your account, or in the case of non-members must be paid in advance. The full $150 fee will be credited against any new RMCC membership.

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