Wednesday Masters

These competitions are held during the day, before lunch. Played in the first half of the season, the Kilpatrick consists of teams normally made up of seniors.

A round robin is played to determine the trophy winner. Two points are awarded to the winning team of each game. In the event of a tie, each team earns one point.

The Ray Taylor Competition is held in the New Year and is played under the same rules.

The teams will be selected by the Seniors.

The Chairman’s Trophy follows the Ray Taylor, also using the same rules.

Kilpatrick Trophy
November/ December @ 9:45 am

Ray Taylor Competition
January/ February @ 9:45 am

Chairman’s Trophy
March/ April @ 9:45 am

The Wednesday Masters are followed by our Wednesday Speaker Lunch, which is open to all members and guests. Lunch is held at 12:30pm most Wednesdays and features an enjoyable lunch followed by an interesting guest speaker.

Masters Interclub

The Masters Interclub is usually held on Thursday or Friday morning and is open to all members over 50. Competitions take place at the RMCC and other clubs in the Montreal region. Curling is followed by a light lunch.