Haig Sims Singles

The Haig Sims trophy is usually played in January and February and anyone may sign up. Each player throws six stones in each end.

Games must be played as scheduled. Postponements may be arranged under the same rules that apply to the Willie Brown Doubles.

Green Singles

Played in January and February, this competition is open to curlers who have had no more than one year’s experience.

The rules of play for the Haig Sims Trophy apply to this event.

The competition is played as a straight elimination, and the winner is awarded the Walkem Memorial Prize.

Willie Brown Doubles

The Willie Brown Doubles are usually played in November and December and anyone may sign up.

A team may be formed by any two curlers whose Club Rating points total not more than six. This rule also applies in the case of any substitution. The Match Committee will determine the format of the competition.

All games will be scheduled.

Any team unable to meet its scheduled date will have until the commencement of the following round to complete its game by mutual consent of the opponents. Otherwise the team unable to play at the originally scheduled time will lose by default.

The order of play in any game us at the discretion of the team.

Points Competition

The Points Competition is usually played in December and anyone may sign up.

All players engage in the competition together but are divided into Class A (skips, thirds) who compete for the McMurtry Prize and Class B (seconds, leads) who compete for the Ramsay Prize.

Winners will be those players having the highest total of their best two scores. It is restricted to twelve players on a first-come basis. The Williamson Medal is awarded to the highest-scoring player in any single competition.