Hugh Paton Trophy

The Hugh Paton is played in November and is available to all members.

Teams are drawn by the Match Committee and are grouped in sections as appropriate to the number of entries. A round robin is played in each section to declare a section winner. The section winners then engage in a straight knockout to decide the winner of the Hugh Paton Trophy.

Baillie Trophy

The Baillie is played in January or February and is open to all members.

President John Baillie created a new trophy to encourage curling with granites and to promote the Club’s performance in competitions outside the Canadian Branch. The Baillie was first played in 1915, with two sets of granites, while all other competitions continued to be played with irons.

The Match Committee will select the required number of skips as indicated by the size of the entry list. Each section will play a round robin and the winners of this will engage in a straight knockout to establish the Trophy winner.

Pat Lid Competition

The Pat Lid is played in April and is open to all members.

The name “Pat Lid” is derived from “pot lid”. This competition is supposed to be the final competition of the year, putting a “lid” on the curling season.

The Canadian Branch of The Royal Caledonian Curling Club sponsors this competition. The members of the winning team receive the Branch Pat Lid Pins. It is played as a round robin.