The term Branch refers to the Canadian Branch of The Royal Caledonian Curling Club of Scotland, which is considered the “home” of curling, much as St. Andrews is to the sport of golf.

The clubs that belong to the Branch are located in the Montreal area, in Eastern Ontario and on either side of the Ottawa Valley.

Nowadays, the Branch functions as a part of Curling Quebec and retains its name in deference to its long history, great inter-club friendships and traditional bonspiels.

Colts Competition

This competition was inaugurated by the RMCC on the occasion of its 150th Anniversary in 1957.

It is open to any four curlers who are 19 years or over as at July 1, and who have no more than five years’ curling experience.

The Gilbert Trophy is awarded to the RMCC team advancing the furthest in this competition.

Governor General’s Trophy

This prestigious competition, authorized in 1874 by the Earl of Dufferin, is a double-team event.

Any four members may form a team

If more than two teams enter, a play-down will be arranged to determine which two teams will compete.